Short Codes

The FCC ruled that more than one entity cannot own a short code. This was done by assigning a short code with a keyword. Like 12345 and Dominos. The price on those styled short codes was a mere $15 per month.

Most of the time it’s easy to determine who’s  using a short code, but just because the keywords were banned doesn’t mean that you can’t become a victim of a scammer who is so successful with a rouse can’t afford getting a dedicated short code, or several.

Also consider that caller ID spoofing works with any sequence of numbers. I’ve seen scammers use 911 and 1411 for outgoing caller ID and it came across my home unit or cell phone as a incoming call that originated from the actual source.

When searching our database for shortcodes, you’ll need to lead the short code with an asterick. This tells our system to only return a short code, and not give voluminous results that contain that sequence of numbers.