called about getting a better rate on some credit card; Criminal activity. Do NOT provide any information to callers from this number.; Hang-up call with answering machine. Have not requested information or services from this solicitor.; WHAT RUDE PEOPLE EVEN IF I NEEDED TO LOWER MY CREDIT CARD RATE THESE WOULD BE THE LAST PEOPLE I WOULD CALL! I WAS TOLD TO STOP ANSWERING MY PHONE! WOW WE NEED HELP WITH THE DO NOT CALL LIST.; I will vote for the next politician who can find a way to end these annoying rude unsolicited calls. What good is the Do Not Call list anyway?; do state attorneys general examine this page? multiple calls per day from this number.; VERY RUDE HANGS UP WHEN ANSWERED. ALREADY ON DO NOT CALL LIST.; You want me to pay to find who is calling from the number 225-910-4444? If you can find credit card scammers why can’t the FBI?; This is the second credit card scam I have received. I play along with them. On the first call the woman figured me out and starting talking obscene. She call me a f****** A****** and a douche bag. On the second call my phony zip code must have come to her attention. I also gave her a phony name. She gave me the names of 3 people that have that number in Kentucky one of them was mine. I said I just got the phone number in the last two days. She hung up. But I play with scammers all the time and put the conversation with information about it on youtube. I have noticed more and more people are putting these crooks on youtube. I have 5 or 6 India computer scammers on youtube. I am retired so it gives me things to add to my youtube channel. I told an India computer scammer when I call him out as a scammer that I was putting him on youtube. I know the procedures of the computer scammers so well that I start asking them if we are going to use ammyy.com teamview.com or eventview.com. They have another one I haven’t figured out yet. That want you to use cmd. cmd opens DOS. If you have the time scamming the scammer is a real blast.; I Tell them I am on the do not call list they just keep calling every day what good does it do to be on the do not call list? even when they tell you they will put you on there do not call list they just keep calling anyway. someone needs to do something about this and its not just these people I get calls everyday they worry you to death they need to have to pay a big fine and have to pay you to for the aggravation they cause

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