These guys keep calling and it is always a scam. dont pick up!; Do you idiots not know what HARRASSMENT IS??? LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH BTW YOU’RE CALL IS SHOWING FROM FLORIDA 2 DAYS IN A ROW REALLY GET AN F—ING LIFE!; They. Called yesterday from 863-071-2893 and today from 305-212-1999. I did free reversec# lookup its the same people I’m reporting to police for harassment if they call me again!!! I have already reported to my phone carrier.; Nothing but static noise. Tried calling back and number was busy.; He said i won a tablet but he present himself as an manager from the FDA; This call came in and i answered it nothing but music.; It’s a dam shame that people have nothing better to do then to prank call people. #getalife #SMDH ;-(; I received one phone call just now from this number. I answered the call and only music played for around 10 to 15 second. After that a beeping dial tone played until I hung up. Called the number back and it was just the beeping dial tone. What in the actual fu**.; just music plays then call ended; it just played music when I answered the call so i hung up and didn’t wait for anything else.

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3052121999       305.212.1999       (305) 212-1999

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