Called me and woke me up very early in the morning. I am in a different time zone (idiot). I am on a no call list.; Caller through this telephone number (484-821-4001) is referring calls regarding service of one sort of another erroneously to a private cell telephone number in Tucson Arizona. I receive on an average 3-4 calls per month often regarding cancellation of services and when I attempt to reach this number to get my number removed the recording states that this is a Nortel Call Pilot Mailbox to the best of my comprehension of listening to this recording many many times. I would very much like that the owner of this telephone number contact me Paul Hrna on my land line 520-617-1326 8 am to 4:30 pm and forever get my private cell telco number out of their records and auto-dialers.; Hung up

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4848214001       484.821.4001       (484) 821-4001

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