He was very nice on the phone and has a beautiful home in scottsdale. Was very welcoming when i got there. Had a glass of wine and talked for a bit getting aquainted. HE KEPT BRAGGING ABOUT HIS CARS (hes a car guy in the car business) he talked about barett jackson a lot. HE HAVE ME A TOUR OF HIS HOME AND WE GOT COMFORTABLE IN HIS ROOM AND THAT Is WHEN EVERYTHING WENT DOWNHILL . He was very persistent in not playig safe if you know what i Mean he also stated that he has done this with other girls which i dont think is very safe. He tried to lowball me and offer me 200.00 which is way below my rate that we agreed upon. I felt like i couldnt leave he was getting really mad and started CALLING me a whore. I told Him I had to get something out of my car And i took off crying and scared. He Kept calling me from his phone and texting from different numbers threatening me and being extremely disrespectful. I decided to run his name and found that he has had domestic violence CHARGES aginst him in the past. I have never had an issue Until i met him and i do not recommend that anyone sees him.

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  1. Please accept this as my formal dispute of the absolutely absurd and untrue statement that was written above. I emphatically deny this moronious statement and challenge any and all facts that are stated. The very simple explanation is this is nothing more than a very typical tactic from a disgruntled individual who was unable to keep his ex- girlfriend for no other reason than he had nothing to offer her. When they broke up and went their separate ways she was very transparent and shared with him the truth. she was honest and truthful and shared with him that she met someone and was moving on !! She no longer was interested in reconciling their differences but wanted to maintain A cordial relationship as they both needed to focus and share the duties and responsibilities of raising their child. we began dating for a while and developing feelings for one another. I invited her to join me on a trip and travel out of the country on a fun vacation. When she shared this plan as she needed to get a passport Nico panicked and suffered a normal “ FEAR OF LOSS” experience. He posted this Ludacris story and then notified her the evening before we were leaving to tell her he found this on the Internet and she should cancel the trip. She listened and entertained his story about how he found this article and I am not a good guy ??? but it became immediately obvious to her that the verbiage and the vocabulary he used was EXTREMELY familiar to her……. it takes a complete moron to write a untrue story full of lies and then not have an answer as to how he found it ??? He ironically found it 22 minutes after it was posted ?? WHAT A MIRACULOUS COINCIDENCE !!! Nico Is a very uneducated drug using Shade Tree mechanic. His often used Famous analogy “Low Ball “term convinced her 1000% that he was the originator of this preposterous story. His major ingredient in the recipe of FAILURE was he did not know enough information about me or the facts at hand. He only knew he was extremely intimidated by me and was unfamiliar how to handle his insecurities and his jealousy towards me. I know it was when he realized he lost her forever is when he made the horrible decision to attempt to defame me in hopes of making himself more attractive to her !! The Silver lining in this incredibly ugly black cloud is that Nico now has undergone mandatory drug testing and he is closely monitored by his probation officer. One would have to believe ??? that in his own conscious mind of feeling guilty for making up a story in attempt to bash my credibility ……he didn’t even write that I slept with the girl ??? He just lied about me being Cheap $$ this is his own familiar mindset placing him as the one who has experienced this situation and related his own behavior as the result !!right there is the proof. I am not perfect !! I am a human being and I make a lot of mistakes !! I mess up often !! But I do own my mistakes and I guarantee the above mentioned attempt to discredit me is not true !! The end ……..
    Godspeed !!!!!!!!!!

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