A received a job offer for a personal assistant this ad was listed on craigslist. I responded they asked for personal info then told me I was selected that I would make 600 weekly of course this is without ever speaking to me. They then asked for more info specifically who I banked with. Of course this was leading to asking for my banking information. The name they were usiing was Authur Lee Va. Its funny I found an Authur Lee from Virgina (VA). They just stole his picture and used the state as last name I was thinking he was Vietnamese but. It really sucks that your trying to find a job and you have to worry about these SOB’s get your hopes up and then have to realize its a scam. Watch out people they are everywhere good for those of us that check out people before giving them too much sensitive information. Whatever you do dont make it personal I just told them I had found another job.

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8182080147       818.208.0147       (818) 208-0147

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  1. Wow. The same guy text me this morning. I’m glad I did research . I screen shot all the articles and sent it to him. Told him that karma is a b!th and he needs to stop scamming!

  2. I got one as well. I told them wrong number and blocked the number. Good thing! And thankfully I have the wrong address and such on my resume.

  3. they just sent me a text claiming to be Grant Davis glad i looked up the number

  4. This scam has been around for years… i almost fell for it when I was younger and desperate for a job. They need to catch them!!!

  5. Received text from person claiming to be Robert Kensbock, looking for a personal assistant. I googled this person and it seemed a bit unbelievable, then I googled this phone number. Sometimes it pays to be suspicious and skeptical!

  6. Oh my fucking God!!! I’m glad I looked this up

  7. This sucks. I was really happy I had found a job and then I realized he was texting really fast with some paragraphs and then I decided to look up the number on google and here I am. Lucky I didn’t receive a check yet from these people

  8. yeah same here figured it was a scam once i received the check felt really fake and its from MN like your texting from a LA number ? lol

  9. Scam find you off of craigslist.

  10. They send me a check with 5K if they want to straight jugg

  11. This is a scam, don’t not believe this number, its fake they send you checks with like 5k then they want u to deposit it onto your bank account then they scam the fuck out of you. Some bitch named Jennifer Rosmour, their probably just cat fishing I’m not it wasn’t a Jennifer Rosmour texting me. so i just put them on blast and blocked them.

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