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Called Saturday 2/21/2015 around noon. I didn’t answer. No one left a message.; says they have your info for obama care; doesn’t let you call back.; Doesn’t accept incoming calls but calls your phone???; 2 Calls didnt say anything; I have received several calls from this number. When I try to call back I get a recording stating this number does not receive incoming calls. SPAM SPAM SPAM; Just got a call from this number when i picked up they didnt say anything.; On the day before the deadline for Obama Open Enrollment I received a call from 1=336-210-0058 february 14 2015 at 1:46 p.m.. The caller said precisely this: Hello. My name is Ben. We have received your information about Obama Health Care…if you want (option given) press 1 if you want (option given) press 2. I couldn’t remember the options he said because I was so angry that he was lying since I never contacted anyone about this. I cannot emphasize this enough. THIS IS A SCAM. THE VOICE WAS NOT RECORDED IT WAS A LIVE VOICE. I HAVE NOT SUBMITTED ANY INFORMATION ANYWHERE TO ANYONE CONCERNING OBAMACARE BECAUSE I DO NOT QUALIFY. THIS IS A LIE. BEN WHO? BEN FROM WHAT COMPANY OR AGENCY ABSOLUTELY NO ID GIVEN ABSOLUTE LIE I NEVER CALLED OR CONTACTED ANYONE. I FIGURED OUT I WAS UNQUALIFIED BY USING AN ONLINE CALCULATOR AT A LOCAL NEWS WEBSITE. NO ONE SHOULD GET BACK TO ME AS I NEVER TALKED TO ANYONE. THIS IS A SCAM. AND A VERY AGRESSIVE ONE. I SAID SHARPLY YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER AND HUNG UP QUICKLY BECAUSE I RECOGNIZED FROM THE MOMENT HE SAID WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR INFORMATION THAT HE WAS LYING.; Left no message and I was unable to call back. Caller does not take incoming calls.; just called my cell. left no message. spam.

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