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Got a call from them today I do have a business listing so at first I was like… hmmm ok… listened on I am so paranoid about phone scammers where pressing a number bills you some enormous amount so when it said if I was the business owner press one I shivered and did not press 1. Then If you are not the business owner press 9 well of course no! I figure if someone wants to call they can be on the line when my phone rings. Scammers.; Block this number!; Business listing scam.; caller is trying to get personal information about google accounts. tried reporting this number to google they don’t seem to care.; Called me and their automated attendant gave me a little spiel and then put me on hold for about 3 minutes. Given that they claimed to be Google I played along. Spoke to a rude young man who again claimed to be Google. When I challenged that he said their company name was SEO which total BS. I requested that he removed me from his company’s database. He claimed they were some sort of direct provider and if I didn’t cooperate he would delete or change my info on Google+ etc then just hung up. Since I am signed up with a Google Ad-words account I called Google directly and reported this fraud. I suggest that everyone else do the same. Google’s # is 877-835-3411.; Called and Did not leave a message; Get a lot of calls from this #. They never leave a message. Looks like spam call to me.; They called and didn’t leave a message.; SPAMMER – Never leaves a message.; Google Business recording. Voice gave name as Sherry


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